Melville Air Station - Labrador, Canada
641st AC&W Squadron/U.S.A.F./C.A.F
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Welcome to Melville Air Station!  Take a website tour of the 641st Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron via the photos on this page.

This is the view of the entrance to Melville Air Station.

An Air Policeman greets all incoming traffic to Melville.

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1) This is the parking area, which is directly in front of the Motor Pool Building.  Anyone arriving at Melville entered through the Motor Pool building.

2) Photo of the sign that hung on the outside wall of the Motor Pool, greeting all who entered the Air Station.  This photograph was taken in 1964.

3) This is a view of the connecting corridors that linked all buildings in the complex.  Because of the severe Labrador winters and heavy snowfall, all buildings were connected these corridors.  The two flags that always flew over the Air Station were the Canadian flag, and the American flag.  Note the the flags were flying at half mast in this photo.

4) These are two radar "bubbles" housing the search radars.

5) Communications antennaes.
*These comments are from Harry Oberman....Thanks Harry!
"The picture 5 showing the communication site is or was The Bell Telephone Co. of Canada Tropo Site which was fed to the next Bell site all the way down to Seven Islands Quebec,  where all communications was then fed onto
regular telephone lines  to Montreal, Quebec and then to USA to ENT AFB  (BMEWS). I should know as I worked there for 3 years 1960-63 also there during the Cuban crises when all the bombers were sent up to Goose with
their NUCK Bombs which Canada still denies to this day.     I also installed the BMEWS Communication system there.   I lived at the Bell Staff house at Goose Bay. We drove up to the site every day to work. Also would go up to the mess at Mellville  (Pole Vault) site etc."

6) The road from Goose Air Base up Dome Mountain to Melville Air Station.

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