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Melville Air Station - Labrador, Canada
641st AC&W Squadron/U.S.A.F./C.A.F.

(This F-102 Delta "Dagger" is from the 59th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Goose Air Base.)

(This is a song you "Old Timers" will remember....great video too!)
Home movies of 59th F.I.S. from the 50's!

- Purpose of this website -

This is a website containing memories, stories, and photographs of and around Goose Bay, Labrador by personnel stationed at Melville Air Station during The Cold War years.   All are welcome to enter and get a glimpse what life was like at a remote radar installation.  Anyone stationed at Melville Air Station(A.S.) as either USAF, Canadian Armed Forces, or civilian status, is cordially invited to send related photos, stories, etc. to the webmaster for inclusion on this site.

- A Brief History -

Melville AirStation was a part of a network of radar installations designed to detect and protect the North American continent from attack by enemy aircraft.  There were three radar "lines" protecting North America. The northern most radar line was the "DEW Line"(Distant Early Warning).  Heading southward, the next radar line was called the "Mid Canada Line", followed by the southern most line, the "Pinetree Line".  Melville was part of the Pinetree Line, which was started in the 1950's jointly by the United States and Canada.  It was manned by USAF until 
July 1, 1971, at which time Melville was turned over to Canadian Armed Forces.
Melville ceased to operate in July of 1988.

For a COMPLETE history of the Pinetree Line, visit
The Pinetree Line Home Page 

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